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Create engaging online video experiences, turn viewers into conversions

It’s now easier than ever for marketers to set up and manage an online video experience that is designed to deliver impressive results. A video channel created with Clipster is the best way to immerse viewers in your brand experience and ensures content is converting. Clipster provides marketers with industry leading solutions, enabling them to make the audience viewing your video channel become part of your funnel. And the best part is; you don’t need to hire expensive IT resources.

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Brand & Enterprise benefits

  • No distracting content, avoid viewers from jumping to other video content like on public video platforms
  • State-of-the-art Creative Freedom, creating high impact and engaging online video experiences that deliver impressive results
  • Designed for optimal video engagement, giving you the best tools to reach, captivate and connect with your audience
  • Easy to Use / No help needed from IT, making you less independent
  • Quick-to-launch, you can set up a channel in 15 minutes
  • Saves you money, no need to custom develop and management is a snap



Campaign enables marketers to create amazing short term campaigns quickly and easily.

Ideal for:

  • Product launch
  • Competition
  • Promotion
  • Conference & event footage
  • Event micro-site
  • Video landing page
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Channel is a persistent branded online video experience to showcase all your video content.

Ideal for:

  • Brand channel
  • Corporate video portal
  • Persistent campaign channel
  • E-learning channel
  • Media library for existing website
  • Social video community
  • Vlogger
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Distributor facilitates video content distribution through controlled branded video channels. 

Ideal for:

  • Brand distribution channel
  • Online TV channel
  • Multi-channel network
  • Broadcasting services
  • Online magazine
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Every solution includes all the features listed here.

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Clipster services for brands & enterprises

Clipster helps brands and enterprises all over the world with the creation and management of effective online video channels. We closely work together with marketers to help them reach their goals effectively. Find out how we could help your brand or enterprise.